Messed Up And Don't Even Know It



For most of us, the torture and/or neglect of a child is an unimaginable crime. But strange as it might seem, for the children who suffer such assaults, it’s just the way things are—business as usual.
Many of these kids’ early traumas lead directly to their failures in adulthood: abusive marriages, criminal activities, sexual assault, and thoughts of suicide.
The saddest part of it all is that these survivors of childhood abuse remain dangerously, pitifully unaware of how the trauma they suffered decades earlier has led to their current broken lives.
So, how do you help people who don’t think they need help?
Ira Lake, one of the nation’s leaders in traumatic childhood recovery (TCR), has helped these survivors trace back the narratives of childhood trauma, identify the survival mechanisms that have sabotaged their chances for healthy adult relationships, and build new skills to finally grow past the abuse they suffered.
Messed Up and Don’t Even Know It: The Journey from Childhood Trauma to Healing can help readers take the steps necessary to finally begin their recovery—and find lasting love, happiness and success in their lives.

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