What We Do

Our Specialties

Our team of highly qualified professionals specialize in a number of different areas.  While our focus is mainly within the realm of Anger Management, Relationship Issues, Low Self-Esteem, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Parental Issues and Depression, we also work to create change in a number of other areas as well.  We use a hope filled approach and our clients receive integrated quality counseling and spiritual care (if requested) to assist in growth and healing. Additionally, affordable professional counseling with sensitivity for our diverse community will also be provided. Imtasik Counseling is committed to ensuring nurturance, an empathetic presence, and a safe place to transform. Each person will be genuinely respected and guaranteed privacy and confidentiality. A belief in religion is not required to obtain counseling here. You and your therapist will set appropriate goals for treatment whether or not it includes a religious focus.

6809 Indiana Ave Ste 201 Riverside, CA 92506: Phone 951-289-9335