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Why Emotional Intimacy is Difficult

Updated: Feb 26, 2018

Connect on a deeper level

A Five Part Series

Part 1

I believe our fears can prevent us from pursuing the intimacy and oneness we all desire. There are five basic fears that sabotage our efforts to communicate.

Fear of failure. Husbands are primarily hesitant to share with their wives, mostly because they don't feel practiced or well equipped in this type of communication. Men, especially, are more motivated to act when they feel capable, so they try to avoid anything that leave them feeling like a failure. When this level of conversation feels uncomfortably close, or the intimacy level seems dangerously unfamiliar, a man might claim up to avoid failure.

A woman, on the other hand, needs emotional closeness, and she may try for years to find ways to get her husband to talk before the frustration of going away with her needs unmet ----again----forces her to stop trying.

That leads to the second greatest fear....

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